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Mark Rawlins is an MLM expert with over 30 years of experience as an industry consultant and software provider. His first book, Understanding Multi-Level Commissions, gave a comprehensive discussion of the history and complexity of compensation plans, and dug deeply into the details of common ideas, methodologies, and tactics within the industry. With From Commission Plan to Compensation Strategy, Mark returns to provide new insight into the process of developing compensation plans by detailing the practical approach MLM executives can take to achieve and maintain financial growth and distributor loyalty.

With this book, Rawlins utilizes his many years of experience to simplify the often confusing and overwhelming choices of MLM commissions. He clearly explains the types of commissions, types of distributors, cultural considerations, and common problems companies experience. Additionally, he helps identify the weak spots in various compensation plans and discusses different ways to resolve them. This book will be an invaluable tool for any industry executive in helping to create a plan that rewards everyone active in the company.