About the Kindle device version of the FREE eBook

Photo of Kindle Paperwhite deviceIf you own a Kindle device like a Kindle Paperwhite, you can easily sideload the FREE eBook file directly on to your device when it is connected to your computer with your USB cable. Once you have the file downloaded on to your computer and with your Kindle device connected, you should see the device listed as “Kindle“–sort of like when you would see a flash drive connected on your computer. Sideloading is simply a matter of copying the downloaded file (which has a .azw3 file extension) into the correct location on the Kindle device.

Installing your FREE eBook on to your Kindle device

  1. Download your FREE eBook from MLM-CC website. Navigate to your computer’s default download folder.
  2. Connect your Kindle device to your computer using the USB cable provided. You should see the Kindle device listed as if it were an external flash drive (or external jump drive).
  3. Open the external Kindle drive and navigate to this folder structure: Kindle > documents > Downloads > Items01. This is the location where you will copy your FREE downloaded file (AZW3_From_Commission_Plan_to_Compensation_Strat_Mark_L_Rawlins.azw3).
  4. Properly eject your Kindle device from your computer.
  5. Your new eBook is ready to view now. Enjoy!
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