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Compensation Plan Design

MLM-CC’s expert team will help you to determine the best compensation plan design to meet your desired behavior and compensation strategy. MLM-CC will work with your product, margins, culture, sales and marketing strategy to design your plan.

Industry Analytics

WINz Analytics Engine does what NO other analysis technology can do for the direct sales and MLM compensation plans. You now have a powerful analytics technology tool at your disposal. It provides you with accurate data for making good business and growth decisions for your company.

Distributor Research

We provide a third-party survey service to help you better understand what’s going on in your field. Using a third-party can increase the quality and volume of consultant or distributor feedback.

We design our surveys based on input from the company and high-quality survey design principles. We research your distributor attitudes and expectations and compare them to earnings and to the type of commissions earned. We can assess a variety of attitudes on selling, recruiting, retention, training, technology, product, and commissions earned using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. We then make recommendations based on the data we collect.

We can do open-ended interviews with consultants or distributors and complete a thematic analysis of the responses. In addition, we can find patterns in the text-based data.

We can also do textual analysis of existing distributor call center calls. If you have a record of call center reasons or recorded calls, we can mine the textual data to provide you with a high-level view of the predominant concerns of your distributors and give you evidence-based recommendations about how you can address those concerns.

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