MLM Compensation Plans

MLM Compensation Plans
By Jeff Jordan
Why should you have your MLM Compensation Plan professionally written?
I’ve worked in the area of comp plans for decades and one of the questions I always ask clients. And if I asked 100 clients, what do you think is the purpose of your comp plan?
This just happened yesterday. The answer 98% of the time is to pay our people. And I always say that’s partly right, but not completely, right?
The reality is the main purpose of a Compensation Plan is, how do I drive the desired behaviors with my people?
In other words, how do I get people to take proper action and do proper things to move through the comp plan? Therefore enhancing their income and also accomplishing what you need corporately as a company to have your distributors doing this. This is something that we can talk about and go through, and this is why you professionally have your comp plan designed because every comp plan is different.
You can’t just take somebody else’s comp plan and adapt it to what you’re doing. I’ve seen people taking a nutritional products comp plan from another company and trying to make it work because they like it, or they knew some people making money and try to apply it to a service.
You can’t do that. It has to be custom designed to your product or custom designed to your service. Only then you can get the people to earn what they need to earn and accomplish what they need to accomplish, and at the same time provide what the company needs.
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