We offer decades of experience with MLM compensation plans


Mark Rawlins

Mark is one of the pioneers in MLM software. He built two MLM software companies, starting all the way back in 1981. He retired from running his second software company, InfoTrax, but found himself unable to leave the MLM world behind.

He now focuses on helping companies to design and analyze compensation plans.

Mark has worked with every possible compensation type. Nothing surprises Mark. He has worked with hundreds of companies’ compensation plans and business plans.

Mark has written two books on MLM compensation, Understanding Multi-Level Commissions and Their Role in a Successful Company and From Commission Plan to Compensation Strategy. He has authored over 60 articles on MLM.com and written for Direct Selling News.

Mark provides the overall compensation plan analysis and helps company leadership see and understand the cause-and-effect relationship between bonuses in the compensation plan and their results in the payout.


Nancy has worked in the direct selling industry since 1999. She has worked on commission analytics for 20 years. She focuses on a research and a data-driven approach to compensation plan design and analysis. She has researched over 100 top U.S. companies and provided a comparison of their compensation plans. She has designed and conducted both quantitative (survey) and qualitative (interview) distributor research. She has also written over 80 articles on MLM.com. She earned a PhD from the University of Utah in organizational communication.

Nancy provides analytics, industry comparison data, and research capabilities.

Tony Rawlins

Tony has worked in the direct selling industry since 2010. He has hands on experience in all aspects of compensation design, programming, configuration, and testing. He is an expert in using compensation development tools and generating data for analytics.

Tony provides the technical expertise to configure compensation plans, upload data, create model data, and extract the data for analytics.

Leroy Ball

With over 30 years in the MLM industry, Leroy’s experience as a developer, technical writer and graphic artist makes him uniquely qualified to convey analytic results into professional looking tables and charts—usable as design elements and easily adaptable as part of a client’s marketing collateral. 

His skills include experience with: Adobe CC InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Office suite and LucidCharts. He also has experience in branded events as evidenced in the Symposium Group. Sample presentation content include compensation plans: Hybrid UnilevelBinary and Breakaway compensation content.

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