25 Ways to Grow Your Business

25 Ways to Grow Your Business
By: J.Michael Palka
1.Create eBooks and Courses
2.Create a Signature Training Program
3.Host Webinars and Live Streams
Use Analytics for Discovery
4.Publish Coaching Handouts and Resources
5.Post Inspirational Graphics on Facebook & Pinterest
6.Publish Slide Decks
7.Create Infographics
8.Publish a Calendar or Action Planner
9.Upload YouTube Videos, IG Reels, and TikToks
Use Analytics for Growth
10.Create a Membership Site
11.Produce Physical Products (CDs, Books)
12.Create an Inspirational Coffee Table Book
13.Publish a Monthly Coaching Magazine
14.Pre-Load Your Blog for an Entire Year
Use Analytics for Decision Making
15.Add Content Upgrades To Your Blog Posts
16.Host a Transformational Retreat
17.Host Live Networking Events and Workshops
18.Publish Coaching Card Decks and Coloring Books
19.Giveaway Special Reports and Checklists
Use Analytics for Marketing
20.Create a Meditative Audio Program
21.Host Podcasts and Interviews
22.Create a Coaching Funnel
23.Host a Summit
24.Publish Email Sequences
25.Create a 5-Day Coaching Challenge
/The options are endless./
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