Key to Successful Sales: Your Core Compelling Offer

Key to Successful Sales: Your Core Compelling Offer
BY: Jeff Jordan
The Simplest Way to Make a Sale Selling becomes effortless when you have something that people already want to buy. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Finding individuals who are naturally inclined to purchase what your product addresses and then presenting it to them is a recipe for success. However, how often do we view sales as a persuasion game rather than an offering? We often hear phrases like “He could sell ice to an Eskimo” and admire those who possess such persuasive skills. But at its core, this statement implies the ability to convince people to do something they don’t really want to do.
Here’s the catch for direct sellers: How frequently do we ask our sales force to do the same? To persuade someone to do something against their will? And as time passes, how many of them decide it’s not their calling because not enough people are interested in what they’re selling?
Identifying Your Core Compelling Offer If I were to ask you about your company’s “core compelling offer,” could you provide an immediate response? Or would it require some contemplation? Would your answer be concise, or would it meander through various thoughts? Defining a core compelling offer can be a stumbling block for some, so let’s clarify it:
*Core:* This is the central offer of your business, the heart of it all. It typically leads the way and is the first thing most Distributors present. It doesn’t encompass everything, but it represents the essence of your brand.
*Compelling:* It’s something a specific group of people desires. Whether that group is large or small, they are compelled to accept the offer because it addresses their needs or desires. Not only is the product compelling, but the offer itself is hard to resist.
*Offer:* It presents a solution to an audience with a problem, hope, or dream. The offer is clearly presented and usually involves a monetary exchange.
So, what is your company’s core compelling offer?
Amidst the constant changes in direct selling, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Updates to compensation plans, digital transformations, affiliate programs, customer rewards, social media strategies, promotions, and incentives—all demand attention and consideration. However, if your core compelling offer isn’t solidly in place, all these other aspects may become inconsequential. No matter how generous your compensation plan is or how well your website converts, if the offer itself doesn’t resonate with your audience, your efforts will fall flat.
In my experience, every successful direct selling story revolves around a core compelling offer (CCO) that makes sense and works. Unfortunately, many direct selling companies don’t prioritize their CCO enough. Either they never had one or let it fade away. We recognize that the evolution of our industry and business, in general, can impact our CCO as much as our compensation plans or digital presence.
The Ultimate Tool for Empowering Distributors Your core compelling offer is not only crucial for acquiring customers but also vital for the success of your Distributors.
I’ll go as far as to claim that the best tool you can provide to your Distributors is an effective core compelling offer. As mentioned earlier, selling becomes a breeze when you have something people already want. Offering this to your Distributors not only ensures their success but also boosts their confidence and encourages them to share more.
So, I challenge you to reevaluate and refine your core compelling offer. Some of you might feel confident that your CCO is already in place and ready to shine. That’s fantastic. However, for the rest of you, there’s no better exercise than re-imagining your CCO for the year 2024 and beyond.
To get the wheels turning, here are some thought-starters:
1.*Why are you here?* Is it time to revisit your mission and reason for existence? Define your mission as “what’s wrong with our world and how we intend to fix it” and your vision as “what the world looks like when we accomplish our mission.” This practical approach can help you clarify your purpose.
2.*What problem do you solve for people?* Ensure your brand messaging aligns with your mission, and make it crystal clear. Use techniques like the Storybrand methodology to simplify and clarify your brand messaging.
3.*What are you offering?* Whether it’s a hero product, a bundle, a membership, or an introductory offer, ensure it aligns with your mission and messaging. Dive deep into the details.
4.*Simplify it.* Streamline your offer to eliminate friction and make it as appealing as possible.
5.*Clarify value.* Focus on the value your offer brings to your audience, not just the price. Address their problems and needs clearly.
6.*Rethink your offer.* Consider the pricing of your core compelling offer. If your product needs to be experienced to be fully valued, reconsider your introductory pricing to remove barriers.
7.*Think like a Distributor.* Imagine how a Distributor would present your offer and adjust it accordingly.
8.*Build your company around your CCO.* Consider restructuring your company to revolve around your core compelling offer. Adjust compensation plans, marketing strategies, and product lines accordingly.
So, what is your company’s core compelling offer?
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